D-Link DIR-615 wireless router set up manual

In this article we will focus on how to set up wireless router DIR-615 to work with your Internet service provider. This is a detailed manual that might help you to make D-Link DIR-615 work fine.

D-Link DIR-615 K1 Wireless Router

D-Link DIR-615 K1 Wireless Router

The first step is to connect the provider’s cable to the connector on the back of the device (it is signed Internet). Second you shod do is to connect D-Link DIR-615 to your computer, that you will use to make the following steps to configure the router – this is best done using the included cable, one end of which you should connect to any of the LAN connectors of the wireless router, the other – to the network card of your computer.

D-link DIR-615 back side

D-link DIR-615 back side

Then connect the power cable to the device and turn it on. It should be noted that after power switched on, it may take about two minutes for DIR-615 to load — do not be alarmed if the page where you have to make adjustments will not open immediately. If you have a router at someone from friends or bought b/a – you should better bring it to factory settings – for this purpose, with the power on, press and hold the RESET (hidden in the hole on the back side) for 5-10 seconds.

Setting D-Link DIR-615 up

Once you have done all of the above operations, we can go directly to configuring our D-Link DIR-615 wireless router. To do this, run any Internet browser and type in the address bar:, then press Enter.

First you’ll see the login prompt. Standard Login for DIR-615 is admin, password is the same or the blank field.

After entering the right login and password you should see the admin page of your router (it’s appearance may differ depending on the firmware installed, but the set up process is the same anyways):

D-Link DIR-615 manual connection setup

D-Link DIR-615 manual connection setup

Configuring Internet connection on D-Link DIR-615

Click Manual Internet Connection Setup. If you’re using 1.0.14 version of firmware go to adwanced ssettings then select WAN in Internet tab.

Admin page on D-Link DIR-615 k1 f/w 1.0.14

Admin page on D-Link DIR-615 k1 f/w 1.0.14

On the next page, you have to set the type of internet connection and specify all connection parameters for your ISP. In the «Connection type» choose your ISP’s connection type. And fill in the required fields. If you don’t know what to type in some field leave it default. Just enter the info your ISP has on it’s website or in some manual. Click Save Settings. After that, the DIR-615 wireless should automatically connect to the Internet, and you can go to configuring the wireless settings: setting SSID and password for your Wi-Fi network.

Setting up WiFi in DIR-615 wireless router

Select Wireless Settings on admin page. Then go to basic settings.

Wi-Fi security options

Wi-Fi security options

In Wireless Network Name enter the desired wireless network name or SSID – there are no special requirements – enter anything in Latin letters. Next, go to the security options – Wireless Security Mode. Choose: Security Mode (safety mode) — WPA-Personal, WPA-Mode — WPA2. Next, enter the desired password to connect to your Wi-Fi access point – at least 8 characters (letters and Arabic numerals). Click Save (save the settings button at the top.)

Done. You can now try to connect to the internet from your tablet, smartphone or laptop using Wi-Fi – all should work.

Possible problems when setting DIR-615

  • When you enter the address the page doesn’t open:  the browser after much thought says that page cannot be displayed. In this case, check your local area connection, and in the protocol properties IPV4 – make sure it is set to: get IP address and DNS automatically.
  • Some of the devices don’t see the Wi-Fi access point. Try the settings page to change the wireless 802.11 Mode – from mixed to 802.11 b/g.

If you encounter other problems while configuring the D-Link DIR-615 wireless router, please leave a comment and I will answer shortly.


One thought on “D-Link DIR-615 wireless router set up manual

  1. hi
    I am trying to install in the same way. It says ultimately “No internet access” with cable. I use google chrome to intall it in windows 7 (64 bit). Sony vaio laptop (bought in 2010). Also tried in the Asus windows 8 bought in 2015. I tried many other possibilities from internet, can you suggest me the best.

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